Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"Try a Little Kindness Folks..."

"...It Goes a Long Way"
A Collection of Olden Day Sayings

As Told to Us By Mary Helen England,
As Compiled by Kay LaCausa
Beloved Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother

1. God is Overall
2. It is Better to Give than to Receive.
3. Time Heals all Wounds.
4. Don't Count Your Chickens Until They've Hatched.
5. Let Your Conscious Be Your Guide.
6. Haste Makes Waste
7. No News is Good News
8. Don't Cross the Bridge Until You Reach It.
9. If You Don't Like My Peaches, Don't Shake My Tree.
10. Where There is A Will There Is A Way.
11. Take Time to Smell the Roses... It's Later Than You Think.
12. Many a True Word is Spoken in Jest
13. Time is all We Have.
14. God gave us a Mouth for a Reason- To Use it.
15. Better to Burp and Bear the Shame then Not to Burp and Bear the Pain.

My grandmother lived a wonderful life full of adventure and wisdom. She was truly the Matriarch of our dear family.

"Old Soldiers Never Die... They Just Fade Away."

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marinas said...

If wishes were horses beggers would of my favorite granny-isms.