Poewem Power


The land of the free
the home of warriors, patriots, gypsies and thieves
one reading of our hands
will get you signing your name in her Big Freedom Book.

All around us our ancestors fly
hurrying us
to reach for the sky
the end of the race don't matter
get your mind ever fatter
the enemies steps are fading
just a distant pitter-patter.

You Call it Occupying; We Call it The Way Out!

So many words and things
falling on deaf ears and at lame feets
we can't get your glazed eyes to see
so we dun takin it to tha streets.
we sick
we tired
but we're the righteous
our souls are fitter
our candles brighter.
the spring will show
the summer will wait for us
just as we shall wait
through all the snow.
our untapped genius will flow into your greed-ridden halls
so much so that you will pray for a quick end to it all.
and we will show true leniency.
and smile even as all your dollars burn into the sunset of the Old Republic

The New Soldier:

Carries a guitar and a sleeping bag
Checks the paper online at the library
and smokes a fag.

His hair is long and he wears a hat.
His heart on his sleeve.
He gets no money from the government
but from funds on seen.

Today I saw him
in Chicago
I was awestruck
This poem goes out to the new Soldiers
of the underground.
May they succeed
so the new generation won’t
have to see the unclean.

Spreading the one love is their mission.
What else truly could it be?

what we had
we thought we’d never lose
but we lost it somehow
i hope we find it again
dear friend.
God Damn.

Let’s make it rain.

We are in hiding just like the Jews.
But where is their camp?
U know I think they get off
by telling us to pack our bags
and quit our fags.
No of course we can’t sit still.
After what we’ve been through
and what we’ve seen.
Our innocence lost
our minds now so unclean.

Damn I wish you had a clue.

It’s simple place though
to get to,
all you gotta do is blaze a few
and befriend an Indian or a Jew.

They got us all scarred
with their automobiles and face cards.
They got us all over a barrel but Shit,
I can’t be scared.
Listen, they saw quietly and so austere,
take the pills or get outta here.

Cops are coming, ten minutes
pack yer bags.
Do you have a clue how that feels?

What the fuck did I do?
Try to board a train, yes.
Is this really what we crossed
an ocean for?
To make some pills for us jack and jills
So that we can be handled like so many
cattle, son.
Soon we’ll be like a room full of candles. Please hear me.
One love, is what we respect.
Shit wee still got hope for you.
We still got a heart full
of love for you.

So please just listen.

This is why I believe in the healing waters.
This is why I believe in the power of the plant.

damn that kid be fast
(artem tatenko)

so now I sit here pumped full of drugs
smoking this tobacco yeah
I’d rather not.
Smoking a weed, Yeah I’d rather be
Please just set me free.
So, now dear consular
how do I apologize for these words that I am reading to you.
Should I? Please and thank you.
Mamacita- I believe in you too.


Everyone's trying to cheer up.
She can't be bought tho
She can't be won.
She's all but undone.

A lost little girl.
Running through the jungle
running in the streets
She can't be tricked
She can't be tricked.

You call her weird
because you can't understand
the heights she's flown
the depths she's known.

The music is all she can feel now.
It's all she is
It's all she'll ever be.
So let the beat drop.

An Ode:

+How can I look down at my cigarette
And say good bye
I’ll miss you!
As it fades.

The ashes fall.

I can only stare.
At your retreating figure
As you board that plane
As you drive away
As you.

The ashes fall.

I’m out of toilet paper. Again
What’s the deal with that?

I go to the drawer.
Find some cafeteria ready napkins and silverware

I unwrap everyone
Then carry them triumphantly to the bathroom.
I blow my runny nose

I jog around
The silent campus
With tears in my heart

The ashes…. Sometimes they look pretty
As they fall…

I stealthily search every sand-filled smoke trap pit
And look.

There’s a single solitary one.
Lonely in the cold.
I pick it up.
It’s like me.

I carry it home.
Smoke it.

It’s Thanksgiving.
I ate with my ma
Basics and pumpkin pie
Fixed the gravy for the first time!

We watched Miracle on 31st Street
I blocked the negativity with one hand
reached for her hand with the other.

Everything worked out.
Santa Clause was found to be real
Judge closed the case.
The flashbulbs popped and fizzed out.
Cut to:

The cold woman’s heart thaws
she gets the guy
The little girl gets the tire swing
In the big house in the suburbs
With a green yard to play in.
To listen to God in.
All because she believed
But outloud.

I’ve been doing some heavy thinking.
Using paint
Old pictures
The Bibles
Some with benefits
Others who need a shoulder.

I think about the friends in the bar.
So far far away.
Like you.

It’s 9:54. I wonder if I’ll make it out tonight.
A walk in the cold
Trying not to turn back with every step
Thinking if I go this way
Then I’m not going that way.
Turn away from sin
Turn Turn Turn
I ask.

With 5$ in my pocket
And a 24$ tab at the bar.
I wonder will I be asked to leave?

Ah well free ride in the cab home at any rate.

I await the cold the dark the silence.
I await the snow

I know it will surely come
As the changing seasons always do.

I check my bank account.
Over drawn
Scammed again.
I thought, maybe this bank will be different
Maybe this guy will be different…..

The Listerine screams my name.
I take a swig.

The ashes. Fall.

It’s fall so
I guess I’ll fall.
I guess I’ll fall
And rise with the sun
Or the moon.

Oh the treachor of it all.
The absolute.

But then I whistle.
I feel better.
I’m pulling the mad stressful thorn of my conception
Up by its unwilling root.

Just as I was ripped from the womb.
Screaming into the world.
Cradled for comfort
Then thrown again into
A world I didn’t understand.
A world I don’t fit into.

Maybe all I need is a love punch to wake me up

To put me back into my place
I crashed through the glass
The blood running down strangely comforting
Reminds me I’m alive.
I’m flesh and blood.

And It says
Jesus. Wept.

Can u imagine?

I close my eyes
I see the white dove
I see so clearly
And believe
But Outloud.

You know?

Waiting for the cold the dark the silence
The ashes
To fall
Just as the snow
As my shell
As my
Dirty rags
And rage conform
And contract

I’m imprisoned by my own apathy
My beauty
My unthinkable beauty.
Can I really by this created?

My head hurts from my plastic eyeballs
Glasses are cracked
I don’t want them anyways.
They betray the imperfections
I’m too proud to show.

My family is too beautiful to reach out to
How can they know?
How can I tell them?
Because What I’m feeling
I know they’re feeling too.

Roll in Ecstasy at my feet I cry out to the universe
As I sit at my table
And warm
And comfortable.

I too dream about Orca whales.
Carrying me deep out to sea.
Holding tightly to their spongy surfaces.

They crowd around
And quiet like.

Every thought of closeness with another
Is like someone just dug into the raw
Exposed nerve of my existence
Like the one that sometimes screams in my tooth…………..

just how lost,
i mean how lost are we?

hurdling through so much suffocating greed at
Break neck speed.
the stench of it.
the absolute unthinkableness of it.
makes it hard to see

... to see the road ahead.

Just how lost, I ask, how lost are we?

Oh, u little baby u
we wonder like lost cattle
from trough to trough
seeking fulfillment for that which cannot be filled
that which the craving of makes deeper still.

so hush your crying now oh little one
let your thoughts stop their turning
may the peace of the Light fill your heart
for the day is done
and peace has come
the birds now quiet
the children too

there is no question
the Love of God is ever with you.

No Capo, Fret 7

It was the sunniest day
You’d ever see
The children ran along the beach
So care free.

But not me.
No, not me
I was kicking sand castles
And praying for rain
Throwing seashells at the sky
Wish hoping waiting

But He never came
I started walking right into that great abyss

When I heard a voice
“um, excuse me miss?”
I don’t know you well
I don’t know your name
But I sure as hell feel your pain.

Then we both started singing a familiar tune.
One foot in the grave
And a body that’s immune
We can’t figure it out
Not for the life of us.

So we both started
Kicking sand castles
And praying for rain
Throwing seashells at the sky
Wishing waiting hoping.

But He never came.
Faith is something that you’ll always have.
It will never leave you. Just like God.

If I give you all my dirt will you pack it away
don’t lay it all around me
Please don’t lay bare all my chains
And even though you know me
Even though you see me clear
Will you still want me
Will you still care?

Life on the Farm

Working the soil until it bends to my will
Knowing it knows best
But thinking I know best still.
The cows can sense my unease
I can sense theirs too
We feel the weight of the world.
Ms. Everyone does
Mr. Anyone does too.

G Oh Holy God Oh C Draw me near AM

C Purify my sight
Make righteous my ear

Keep my mind strong
And my enemies weaker.
Keep my heart vigilant
As I am no more than a seeker.

Oh, what is the meaning of existing here
writhing in pain
Living in never ending fear?

Surely it is not.
So what shall we do
How then shall we live?

We will keep our heads up
We will continue to give.

Oh Rise with we who have fallen
Yes we who shall rise again.
We will not break
No we bendin like reeds.

So keep on pushing us.
It only keeps us hungry
Yes it keeps us pushing up that hill to Nirvana.

We shall need to bend
We will flex like the reed
As we Plant this day a new seed.

Life is in the getting distracted
Love is in the dreaming
Grace is in the keeping on.
I understand it all so clearly.

I’ve learned again to rant and to cry in public
Because I’ve let you go.
My life is mine again.

I don’t even understand the levity of this
Now, I am gold.

I’m done getting high in the mornings too.

You’re really alone when you want to be.
Calling on the Holy Sprit is calling a friend who is always there and will never let you down.
You can play a song to only you but it will be heard.
Salvation isn’t something you have to earn.
It’s something you have because He lived for your sin.

Getting better looks different than you may suppose.

Hey are your reading still?


Prayer stands. Love Grace and Fellowship.
Faith in God.

Faith in each other. For the Love.

Pray for strength Needs to be met. FoR Others.

Yes I read the Bible. It makes the most sense to me.
Dude the word read is both past and present future

“Above all Love as I have Loved you.”

Isn’t this something we’d say to our loved one’s after our death?
I do think there are those people in our lives that we begin to view as zombies or vampires.
Perhaps we might begin to view someone as a zombie if they’re really letting us down. But really you’re letting yourself down in a way
I had this HUGE GIGANTIC fear of zombies and vampire recently. No Really.
I’ve made a resolution.
I’ve decided to go ahead and give in.
And I have a suspicion
this is where the fun begins
No more wasted minutes
No more altered words
No more mistaken perceptions
Just our hearts’ desires
Pure and clean

You want to live the life you love
And have it love you in return.

So come on out all you neighbors and friends
Because it’s time to get down
We’ll sing some blues but lose the frown.
It’s, no it needs to get under way.

So if you feel the same,
Come along, and run with me..

I know just the place
It’s on the corner of that place that you once knew
The street you once loved but which had been forgotten by you.
It’s a secret place that’s been locked away
for countless months and sad and lonely decades.

It’s a place that knows no fear
Or doubt
No hunger
No danger
No fading eye sight.

This place has been being kept safe
for all these years
Safe in that box on the highest shelf
Of your memory
on your command.

Until you say the word. GO!
To live life in the moment
To Stop thinking ahead.
lose the trepidation
No one’s looking anyhow-
Because, guess what, they’re finally living too!

So give up! Give in!
Say yes to life
Say yes to love
Say yes to the music that’s been haunting you.

I only asked you before because I was curious.
Now I ask because I want and need to know
to stop the bleeding
to ebb the tide
to stem the flow

Back and forth is how we go

sweep away the past
sweep it under all the carpets you’ve been weaving
and on the door step all the mommas are leaving
their babies in baskets. Man.
complete with little
I’m so sorry, don’t forget me notes

well it is too late
We’ve done forgot
you didn’t realize we couldn’t be bought.
Now it’s dawning
We see the meaning behind your lies
And all the lows are being mixed down with the highs.

Tipping on the tight rope.

We’ve been passing too much time
Watching as its whiled away.

Where are all the pharaohs?
Did Egypt swallow them up whole
all up in the sand?
Did the mummification stop their souls
From reincarnating?

Well it didn’t stop mine
And I’m back with a vengeance
Crawling out the tomb of legacy
Waiting to spit
Waiting to cry

I want you to consume me but I can’t begin to say why.
Don’t disappoint me for the love of God
I couldn’t take the blow
I’m running the wave right up to my toe

But the water is beginning to ice over now
And I’m not sure we could ever thaw it
even the fire of Hades’ arrow
The Eye of Ra
The Oracle of Delphi
Couldn’t say.

I’m calling you out
Sick of waiting
Sick of playing the game
Sick of paying the fine
While you walk that fine red line…

Who’s life are you living anyways?

Who’s got you by the throat?

The Nomad’s Freedom Song

Blaze the road- its a moonlit path
Blaze the road til you set it free.
soul searching
looking for a place for perching.
devouring the night.
Devouring the sound
and the sight
Devouring the strong
and the slight.
The weak and the right.
The weak and the right.

Out of sight.
Over the moon.
Off the map
Into the light.

The Unexpected
Is to be expected
And respected
And collected
And projected
Into future happenstances
The result is always to be perfected
This is to be expected.

The tracks

The tracks

Imploding stars
Dust storms in the blackness
The dead emerge weaping
As they mop their brows.
star dust cakes every crevice.
Long beards and thick mustaches
Gleaming sweaty with glory
Steep covered in shadow.

They listen
The righteous
They feel you as you pray
Every blessed word is sustenance
Get it fast
While you can
Get it fast.
what they give.

Fading as dusk reaches dawn.
the moon’s cold beams are no match for the sun’s warm rays
they can’t resist them.

The tracks are endless
Strong and slender.
Keeping you well and searching
Oiling your rusty bones
With every forgotten step.

You are suspended
As you ride above
The Anti gravity of hope
For reconciliation
But you’re not looking ahead.

Too much switching under foot
Altering your carefully routed course
You can ride it out
Get off at the next stop
You don’t mind the tracks.

a desolate future for a hindsight in perfect view.
The illusive and ever present track buckles
The pressure gives way to yellow sparks.
The coals bellow.
The fire grows.
It knew you would come.

The tracks. Call as they Bend.
Just around the corner
Love lingers.
Caressing the corners.
A step ahead.
Its easy stride
Quickens with your own.

Standards are necessary.
So have no fear
If your interest has waned
Mine has too.
If you don’t love me
Well then Fuck you.
Another one is coming along shortly.

There are no words which can describe.
Shattered and without recourse.
a void that needs filling
a voice Longs to be found.

need to feel
to be
need to run
to rest to need.

A song for itself.
An Oath of silence.
Learn from your mistakes.
That’s what they say.
We’ll just learn from theirs
ours will be righted.
ours will be saved.
As music lays bare the truth.
Cold and writhing in the light
It is disseminated.
its message fed to the masses.
lost on some.
deaf ears and
Electric eyes long since blown.
Throbbing feet no longer feel the beat
Desolate hearts no longer pump the heat

soul searching
Heart wrenching
Mind blowing
Start glowing
Stop knowing,

Find the way
But its clear
Hidden but its near.

Listen to the call
Getting louder
More Momentum with each note.
Falling from each throat.
Teeth seething
Chest heaving
Strength in numbers
The dark defeated
Darkness no more.
The white light exists only in itself.
A heaping sum of its colorful parts.

hearts shatter as they open
At death’s door.
stamina at long last spent
angels words at long last content
The debt of rest no longer weighs
bones too brittled
Muscles snapped and overstretched.

Soul searching
all the while
Heart wrenching
All the while
Mind blowing
As it Starts glowing
And Stops knowing
Gives into the ether and
Let the rhetoric fall away.

Find the love

Its clear
Hiding in the dirt
But shining out.

Hidden but its near.
Find the truth
Blackened but still golden.
Twisted but not torn.
Forgotten but not lost.

The tracks lead one way.
They’re not going back.
This is all there is
Ever will be.

Now is all the time we’ve been given.
It can’t be created or destroyed
Only felt in the depths.

So Just ride the tracks- slow and steady wins the day.
Slow and steady.

Be bold.

You wouldn't recognize me though.
all that sheet of hate you've been wearin.
Is clouding your fear filled eyes.

I can't hold back any more ok
So I'll start sharing.
Open your ears
This You Just Can't Miss.

All must be thoroughly consumed
and Intimately Heard.
Yes, Every Word.

All the Heat we’ve been blazing
And Smoke we've been hazing
Can’t lead us any where
We haven’t already been before.
We’ve done knocked on every door.

But Heaven Help Us,
we are no longer feeling the fill
And The sweat and blood we've been pouring out
Is no longer paying the bill.

Even so, the price on our heads
Even as we stand

We seek a love beyond measure

For too long we’ve been masking the pleasure.

The kids in the streets
The sisters dropping beats
The boys in the hoods

Don’t want no part.
And neither do I.

So many blank and weary
War stained faces

And as our feet continue to amble

Our folks begin to ramble
Their feeble minds no long searching
They’ve all but lost the will to need
The will to sense.
My God- Even

As the bills stack higher
So do our heavy minds
Searching for the next dime
Pleading for more time
Stuck in the hamster wheel.

We plead for a way out
A time out
From our own homes
We get locked out
And then locked up.

How is this a society?
Aren’t we supposed to
To laugh, to live, to dare I say it.
Be free?

You better hold keep us holding us down
Because if and when we get it up
Our guns, they will be blazing
The smoke
The haze
The ash…

I know the concreted and wooden landscapes well
And so do you.
It may be Heaven
It may be Hell.
But our secrets we’ve sworn
and we’ll never tell.

As we toss our last coin into
That ever deepening wishing well.
We’ll pray to the Gods
And we’ll eat our last meal
In what blissful silence
we’ve managed to steal.

Our weapons weren’t visible
Until we were right

And up until the final appeal.
We’ll walk the green mile
But we’ll do it with a smile

Knowing we played the game by our rules
And stepped in our own time.

Carried by our words
our thoughts
our pacifist rhyme.

Peace and freedom
So little to ask.
Or so we thought.
But our fore fathers knew the truth.
They saw the Evil waiting
and knew it's time just had to be threw.

Have you yet realized Señor Evil
you've been caught?
in your web
Tangled up in your lies.
Selling us drugs laced up in French fries.

I bet you thought you were quite clever.

You thought we’d never notice you were selling us cancer
In those 99cent hamburgers
dripping with grease and
that stuff you call cheese.

Well the past can’t be undone
And the dead and dyin’s last songs unsung

Their steady drum beats keeps knocking
On the coffins they never wanted.
That’s all they ask for.

This New Wave of Humanity knows something
you never could’ve fathomed.

Like the Romans as they Crucified.

We know there's adventure in having no money.
There's enlightenment in those fleeting thrills.
After all, the world is not so bitter
once you've heard the utter ferocity
of society's ills.

We see clearly the great big
that's coming

The good fortune
that's piling up
Warm and Delicious
Just like
grandma's pancakes.

The pills you're feedin
and the fear you're breedin
Will not hold us down anymore.
And all the black sheep
once divided are uniting
and gathering in the back.

Tonight we're joining ranks
And we’re kicking down
Every door that's ever been guarded.
We’ll smash in your drive thrus
And laugh at your swine flus.

Because the shit you’re feeding us
Through our televisions
media outlets
in the isles of every Wal-Mart
Have lost their sex appeal.

The violence has been replaced with love
And the soaring dove
Can be seen from every roof top
And every window sill.

Take your last dollar and
Sell your last pill.
As you do,
we wont lie in wait

This time we so God Bless-ed for real.

Our tender hearts
and open minds
have seen too many lives
lost to the void-
Minds gone numb
Too many kids gone dumb.
Turning on eachother. Man.
And for what?
My God- So you can make a buck?
And call it good luck?

Well the Good is back- oh yes and
Its calling your name
Calling it loud from the ring.

It says it wants Hey! I want to hear you sing.

I want to see what you bring.

And as you take that first swing
It will take you up on the breast of its Great White Wing.

"Here is what you could’ve had
Here is what you have given up."

It’s Almighty Righteousness will drip into your deaf ear.

And as your dollars burn and
Flutter all around
You’ll realize what you’ve done.
You’ll reap what you’ve sewn.
Oh! That great chance that you’ve blown

And my oh my señor evil how you’ve grown!
With your pockets so fat
And your cheeks even fatter

This time you cannot turn a blind eye.

As the years of toil begin to scatter
And the dishes start to clatter.

Your time is over
Our time has come.

This is our land
Or had you forgotten?
This is our right.
Our dream
And our last stand.

So allies.
Hear my cry.
Stand at the ready
As the storm builds in the Sky.
And know this is nothing we can’t handle.

From our cribs we've watched it build
and we'll be in the front row to watch still
as the vast empires of wealth and greed
just crumble.

Just tumble

In hearts don’t extinguish

For the spirit of Hope is
Alive and it's thriving

our new found
yet still impotent
ambitions are striving

For that new day
That old and that new way-
It Waits at the dawn
Bright like a diamond
Twinkling like a star.

We can’t lose.
We can’t be deterred.
Our profound courage lifts us high

Didn’t nobody think we’d make it this far anyway.

We're chomping at the bit-
Ready to live a life unfettered
From your rules of hate
and your petty lies.

We are looking for that life so free
Behind us will burn a trail of fire

The path unfurls
The road is well lit
And our lungs so primed and fit!

Nothing can stop us
And we already know nothing will
We dream dreams only dreamers can feel.

We’ll soar with the Eagle
As we Burn and rise with the Phoenix
And we’ll savor the taste
of the ash laden wind.

And all the while

you'll never



what hit you.