Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We Must Weather the Storms of Live Bravely

Hello all

Well, I am currently in South Korea. However, my plans for working and living here have come to a premature end. The job here has fallen through and I will soon be returning to the States. Please keep me in your prayers as I will keep you in mine.

All my love
Ashli Marie

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I was climbing up a mountain-path

With many things to do,
Important business of my own,
and other people's too,
When I ran against a Prejudice
That quite cut off my view.

My work as such as could not wait;
My path quite clearly showed,
My strength and time were limited,
I carried quite a load;
And there that hulking Prejudice
Sat all across the road.

So I spoke to him politely,
For he was huge and high,
And begged that he would move a bit
And let me travel by.
He smiled, but as for moving!-
He didn't even try.

And then I reasoned quietly
With that colossal mule:
My time was short- no other path-
The mountain winds were cool.
I argued like a Solomon.
He sat there like a fool.

Then I flew into a passion,
I danced and howled and swore.
I pelted and belabored him
Till I was stiff and sore;
He got as mad as I did-
But he sat there as before.

And then I begged him upon my knees;
I might be kneeling still
If so I hoped to move that mass
Of obdurate ill-will-
As well invite the monument
To vacate Bunker Hill!

So I sat before him helpless,
In an ecstacy of woe-
The mountain mists were rising fast,
The sun was sinking slow-
When a sudden inspiration came,
As sudden winds do blow.

I took my hat, I took my stick,
My load I settled fair,
I approached that awful incubsus
With an absent-minded air-
And I walked directly through him,
As if he wan't there!

An Obstacle:
~Ms. Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Moleskine Matriarchal Magic

Well, don't 'be surprised when it all comes crashing down
when your dreams all die and wither on that great vine and dance to the ground.
All your prayers so long unanswered will now come to fruition.
You knew this surely- anyways- it was all of your own volition.

great unknown

oh computer she said you'll be the death of me.
she didn't know quite how she'd gotten there
or where she was supposed to be.

all she knew
all she knew
was that her friends were getting older
and she was getting herself free.

yeah all that she'd been given
was more than she could see.

so she set her sail to the great unknown
and called her captain home.

yes she set her sail to the great unknown
and called her captain home.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday.

"Happy Birthday!" the little girl cried out.
"Thank you." murmured the old and haggard man.
"I'm sorry that I must leave you now… Give Aftermath my best wishes." He turned silently to go.
The dog turned to follow. Aftermath, the cat, gave a sleepy look from the window above.
A blank stare from the gardener the little girl loved so much.
His many hats he wore so well.
Like dense fog.
His name was Stan.
Eyes as blue as the sky.
The kid would soon be an old woman just like the old man and the gardener.
The two seemed saddened by this thought.

The sun
seemed to smile upon the trio.
Like a sublime work of art.

The little girl began to sing in a soft voice.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The ashes just look pretty as they fall away

the girl stood peering quietly up at the burning tree before her.
the ashes blew all around in a quiet storm.
her eyes shut in a fond farewell to all that had been.

the soft pebbles at her feet were a welcome mat.
the pebbles turned to sand.

her feathers were finally dry
like the burning timber.
the ashes trailed behind as she took flight.
the phoenix had finally risen.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Animal Totem Medicine

I have adopted a new and friendly way of viewing things.
If a certain animal, bird or bug comes into my life- i take special note.
I then think about what that animal could mean in my life and to my personal growth.

Today: Bug --> Ant: Google Result- "Totem Project: Ant Medicine"

Never give up: Patience: Hard Work.

The Number 12.

And then I float on- good news is on the way.