Friday, August 6, 2010

Free Album Download: All Smiles



If you can reference someone who told you put my id 548027, i don't have a clue what happens but i think i get like 20 bucks or something, basically i work for apple completely, get access to the employee store, all the training modules everything except i don't get insurance, vacation, time off paid. If I want to take a week off I just take a week of you can post your hours up for grabs for someone else to get em.
, basically you'll fill out the profile, go overboard on the skills, then you'll call a number and leave a message thats under 3min telling why your good blah blah blah. then if you pass all that which its pretty easy, you have to take this basic customer service training thing which normally is like 100 bucks but if you wait a day or two to take it its 50 but lately they've just been offering it for free, which i found a way to cheat at it lol, i get bored it was easy.
so now your able to log into the arise site and like a flight board at an airport different companies can pop up showing they are going to have a class for such and such job, you can view the job, see how much it costs (if anything) know all about it, the pay, the needs of said client. then you'll make a company name (llc) and get an ein, so far all i have in it is the cost for the company name (theweswillard group llc, hahahahah) through the state of mo @$50 plus a $10 dollar background check. It's not shady, its really a sweet gig.

if you don't have a mac and you want to work for apple you can send them a $150 dollar check, they hold onto it like a deposit but send you a flipping mac mini, several in my class did this just to get a cheap mac mini, then after 500 hours they kill the check (mail it back) and you get to keep it! If you don't pass the class or quit or get 86'd by the client prior to 500 hours you have 2 weeks to send it back and you'll get your check back otherwise they cash it.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

we're all upset.

It seems to me
we've all gone astray
like we all have something to say
so SAY IT>
In the moment.

Overcrowded Schools
No one says a word.
Underpaid undersold
the state of america.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"The Human Experiment." & Indigo Children

Parenting an Indigo. (This is a great article!)
"Indigos process their emotions differently than non Indigos because they have high self-esteem and strong integrity. They can read you like an open book and quickly notice and neutralize any hidden agendas or attempts to manipulate them, however subtly. In fact, they can see your hidden agendas even if you can't! They have inherently strong determination to work things through for themselves and only want outside guidance if it's presented to them with respect and within a format of true choice. They prefer to work situations out for themselves."

Evolution is speeding up, not time. Consciousness is evolving. Becoming aware of itself as creation's mentor.

Children are evolution's front edge. They push at boundaries; challenge the status quo, irate convention.

That is their job... to set free all that sullies the human heart and blind the mind to the relationship between the Creator and the Created.
"Beyond the Indigo Children." PMH Atwater, LHD.

The Mayan Gateway

Yugas- Hindu Word
Pachacuti- "The time beyond when the the Earth turns over." The Incan lore master word.
Flight of the Fifth Phoenix- Ancient Egyptians.

p 11- missing link to Evolution.

"Maybe we were souls still in Spirit who helped fashion the bodies we would one day inhabit. From what was available on Earth so we could descend from the Spirit world into matter as co-creators with the Creator- committed to what is known in exoteric traditions as "The Human Experiment."