Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"The Human Experiment." & Indigo Children

Parenting an Indigo. (This is a great article!)
"Indigos process their emotions differently than non Indigos because they have high self-esteem and strong integrity. They can read you like an open book and quickly notice and neutralize any hidden agendas or attempts to manipulate them, however subtly. In fact, they can see your hidden agendas even if you can't! They have inherently strong determination to work things through for themselves and only want outside guidance if it's presented to them with respect and within a format of true choice. They prefer to work situations out for themselves."

Evolution is speeding up, not time. Consciousness is evolving. Becoming aware of itself as creation's mentor.

Children are evolution's front edge. They push at boundaries; challenge the status quo, irate convention.

That is their job... to set free all that sullies the human heart and blind the mind to the relationship between the Creator and the Created.
"Beyond the Indigo Children." PMH Atwater, LHD.

The Mayan Gateway

Yugas- Hindu Word
Pachacuti- "The time beyond when the the Earth turns over." The Incan lore master word.
Flight of the Fifth Phoenix- Ancient Egyptians.

p 11- missing link to Evolution.

"Maybe we were souls still in Spirit who helped fashion the bodies we would one day inhabit. From what was available on Earth so we could descend from the Spirit world into matter as co-creators with the Creator- committed to what is known in exoteric traditions as "The Human Experiment."

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