Thursday, May 27, 2010



It Feels Good

To be back Home in Republic MO- my old stompins!!

Currently: Listening to a Mix CD. Big Gigantic, The XX
Working on Reel and Resume.

Playing Softball tonight!!!

Trying to get Festivals to Hire me to do Video Work.

Opening and Locking the Gateless Gate.

HIGHLIGHT: Last night, I met the greatest Ninja I've ever seen. Mortal combat manifested in the Human Realm. He gave me a ride home! Seriously. WOW.
Footy soon?!

Free your minds. One Love.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

May 28th- Irving CA!

Volunteer with me!

GREEN love

WE WANT YOU to Leave It Better, Leave It Beautiful!

Leave the event feeling positively impacted. Leave the event feeling empowered and connected to your community. Leave the event with tools to pass it on and teach others…
…and before you leave, leave the land behind better and more beautiful than you found it. This is our request to you as an integral part of our community.

We take our love for the environment further than a Leave No Trace policy. By acting as stewards for nature, we are constantly striving to find ways to create a healthier and more beautiful landscape for all to enjoy. PLEASE make a conscious effort to keep the land clean, and find ways to take it one step further to leave a positive trace of our time together.

For more on how we are doing, check out the 2008 Green Report:

Download 2008 Green Report

• Through our purchasing choices, green vendor policies, and renewable energy supplier sourcing, we are constantly striving to push the industry standard a step forward

• From Day 1 we have been leading the green festival standard by introducing innovative policies such as free filtered water

• L.I.B. stands for both the environment and the people. We care about the health and happiness of our community. Our greening efforts in 2010 are focused on inspiring empowered action through simple Do-It-Yourself projects that immediately provide participants with know-how and tools to become more self-sustainable in their lives, and foster a deeper and more intimate connection to nature.

• The proceeds of our carbon offset purchases will go toward helping the Big River/Salmon Creek Forests in Mendocino County, California. For more information on this project:

For just $3 you can offset your travel to the festival, while also receiving a discount on a steel LIB water bottle, an opportunity to plant veggies to take home from LIB, and the notes and How-Tos from the eco workshop line-up!