Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday.

"Happy Birthday!" the little girl cried out.
"Thank you." murmured the old and haggard man.
"I'm sorry that I must leave you now… Give Aftermath my best wishes." He turned silently to go.
The dog turned to follow. Aftermath, the cat, gave a sleepy look from the window above.
A blank stare from the gardener the little girl loved so much.
His many hats he wore so well.
Like dense fog.
His name was Stan.
Eyes as blue as the sky.
The kid would soon be an old woman just like the old man and the gardener.
The two seemed saddened by this thought.

The sun
seemed to smile upon the trio.
Like a sublime work of art.

The little girl began to sing in a soft voice.

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