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The Thymus Chakra

The High Heart (The Soul Seat)

Open and Balanced Chakra: Open to higher spiritual levels, you have both love and aspiration for the Divine, and also selfless love for those around you. This chakra is about love. Through fostering love through this chakra your are able to tap into the endless wellspring of unconditional love.

Skills: Expression. Confidence. Oratory.

Position: This chakra lies just above the Heart chakra and below the Throat.

It helps you to communicate your true feelings. It can be thought of as your internal guide or a reflex center for the higher streams of consciousness.
It vibrates to a pink, bright white, or aquamarine color.

The following meditation will help you to balance your Thymus chakra and to harmonize the emotions of the heart with the reason of language.


Sit quietly.
Hands folded infront of you.
Take a few cleansing breaths.

Observe your breath.
Rest your eyes.

Hold your breath for 5 seconds.
Then release the breath slowly.

Now, Imagine a Bright Blue light radiating from your throat chakra.


Now, Imagine a Bright Green light radiating from your heart chakra.

The spinning green disk brightens and dims with each breath.

Take a deeper breath.

Hold the breath for 4 seconds.


Now, close your eyes and imagine the green light of the heart meeting with the blue light of the throat chakra. They meet and emit a bright white, pinkish, aquamarine light. Almost like a fire.

Say aloud- My heart, my spirit and my creativity guide me. I always speak from my heart.

You are now in touch with your Thymus Chakra- this chakra connects the heart and throat chakra. It is about Transitions. Know that this chakra will guide you through the transitions that come with higher consciousness in a loving, gentle manner.

Wriggle your toes and fingers. How do you feel?

More information on the Thymus Chakra.


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