Tuesday, June 22, 2010

You're made of water.

Every morn I wake up to an uphill battle.
But I think of it as the lowest point of my day
meaning the night will come and I will be on top
of the world.

Today I wrote on the white board the following:
Brand New Day, Anything and Everything is Possible.
And I knew it was true.

I put 5 cds in the changer and let them run.
I'm drinking the Green Tea I got in South Korea from that fine
and am working on my resume.

I'm happy for the direction my life is going.
It isn't typical
but it is what it is.
And I'm so THANKFUL.
My cup is runnin to the brim.

Secret Dreams:
- To Form an American Best Dance Crew

LIVE Like You Love This Life :)


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