Wednesday, June 23, 2010


An email from Mike @ GRATITUDE LOG . COM

"I start every single day by being grateful and by looking
at my vision board
. This is an easy and sure formula to start
everyday on a high that lasts for the whole day!"

This simple act of expressing my gratitude and looking at
where I plan to go with my life, is so powerful that I
instantly feel a surge of positive emotions, joy, and
happiness. It is so automatic that even on bad days
when I don't feel like it, I can't stop myself from feeling
way better after expressing my gratitude and after looking
at my vision board.

Sounds simple but I highly recommend it. Plus, it takes
less than 60 seconds a day!"

Start by asking yourselves:

What is a vision board?
What is a positive emotion?
What is being grateful?

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