Sunday, July 5, 2009

What if?

6 VERY Important Questions Everyone Should Ponder.

1. What if... You could have a wild animal for a pet? What would you choose and why?

EASY- Seahorse Seahorse Seahorse. Why? Because they have magical powers.

2.What if... You had 1 million dollars? How would you spend it and why?

I would Get the Heck outta Debt- Buy some land- Build a wikiupi up on it and a treehouse too. I'd do the same for my parents (although, they probably wouldn't want a wikiupi...) Then, I'd start an art community where all my friends would work and play and live.

3. What if... You were president for one day? What would you do?

I would centralize the medical system and integrate Eastern and Western medicine. Make the internet completely free and make sure every household had a computer. Make recycling a federal initiative. I would decriminalize marijuana, legalize medicinal marijuana and HEMP. Then I'd camp out on the white house lawn and invite all my friends and fam to join me for dinner.

4. What if... You had a genie that granted one wish per day? How would you use them?

I'd wish for world peace of course and I'd wish that everyone in the world could reach enlightenment in one fell swoop.
Oh yeah, and I'd eradicate doubt, poverty, negative energy and hunger.

5. What if... You could travel back in time? When and where would you go?

1776- Philly PA. I would want to have tea with Thomas Jefferson.

6. What if... You were stranded on an island with one possession; what would it be and why?

My toothbrush.

Hope you enjoyed this quiet moment alone with your imagination!

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