Wednesday, December 17, 2008

For Your Health: Chakras

Here's a fact for you, people need to be "recharged" with energy as an essential part of their healing process.

The fact of the matter is that energy healing works purely at the energetic level of your being. It therefore goes without saying that since everything is made up of patterns of energy, working with it directly influences your physical, mental, emotional as well as your spiritual levels, making this the "holistic" natural approach.

To explain further, this kind of work impacts primarily on two distinct energy fields within and around your physical body.

Firstly, you probably already know this, surrounding your body is an energy field which some sensitive people can actually see with all its beautiful colours, this field is called your Aura.

Secondly starting from your crown on the very top of your head all the way down your spine are seven evenly spaced spinning vortexes called the Chakra's.

The important thing is... It is our objective to bring these two energy fields back into balance and harmony using the holistic approach.

Benefits of Energy Healing:

***Promotes improvements of many dis-eased states.
***Frees you from limiting thoughts and behaviours.
***Assists you in discovering your purpose in life.
***Is a catalyst in helping you develop conscious intentional living.
***Strengthens your connection to inner/higher guidance.
***Opens you to joy and abundance.
***Allows you to be at one with your inner knowingness.
***Puts you in harmony with those around you.

You've probably heard, and you're right, that the human essence, your essence is a wondrous thing with the ultimate capacity to rejuvenate and regenerate itself which is limited solely by:

***your awareness
***your thoughts
***your emotions

Earlier on you read that everything is energy thus absolutely everything visible as well as "invisible" to the human eye vibrates (moves) at a very specific frequency.

From HealingJourneys- Energy

This blog post dedicated to Dave and Rose.

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