Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Damon: Palin's like a bad Disney movie

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He did write Good Will Hunting.

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Adam said...

I'm Matt Damon. This is awesome! I'm so glad that the celebrities are using their powers for good and not evil...PLUS they are in unions...are you kidding McCain!

The Rundown said...

word to that.

Change is here.

Adam said...

A) They are saying NOTHING in the news media about this today!
B) Bush just announced releasing 8,000 troops from Iraq. Although thats great, It is obviously a ploy to help McCain. They would have never done it if this wasn't in the dead heat of an election.

This is just like what we saw O'Reilly do to Barack, time and time again during thier most recent interview...
Bill would try to quick quiz Barack about issues that are better now. Issues, that Obama one complained about regarding the Bush Campaign, but are now getting "resolved" (as the blind media is so easily drawn in). This is chaos, and we cannot stand for it.

NOTHING is resolved.
It is only hidden away until McCain Gets elected, McCain dies, and Palin becomes the perfect Puppet for 1/10% of the population to control.

Palin is a puppet...grab a seat. The show starts soon.