Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hi, Hello.

my feelings stay on the surface
these days.
don't run like they used ta.
i see them in my reflections.

ever searching for perfection.

Running the wave up to my
never felt like this before.
just wanting to.

Let go.
Let it glow
Let it flow.

Love is low.
But it's the high.
We're all searching for.
It keeps us up
and out of the way

searching searing
for that new day.
that new way.
i know I said it once
I'll say it again.

Is all there is .

Everything else just gets in the way.
The stores
the drugs
the food
the alcohol.

the inbetween us
the outs
the highs
the lows

Love. is.
SO let it glow.
And flow. :)
Enough Basta El fin.

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