Sunday, February 28, 2010

something like luck


some ties
you gotta break
some ties
are better to make

nothing else to be but to
be the love
to welcome the push and shove
set loose the dove

i know it but I love it.
i'm crawlin
i'm dyin
i'm tryin

my will is biyin
on credit

because these beats we droping
they comes non-stoppin

Do be kind and
harvest the crop then
listen to it on repeat
match each to the
creakin of your heart beat.

~written by me and charlie.
(i wish i knew where he was...)

Lady in Waiting

She was a lady. She was a lay-dy you understand?
She was sitting. Just sitting.
She was peaceful just as a peaceful Lady should... be.

She liked to listen.
And later She liked to yell.
Down to the depths of that ocean-like well.

The spring.
Oh The spring.
She knew it Was coming.

Not yet come
But coming.
Always waiting.
and Sometimes getting!

But almost always sitting. Just sitting.

Oh that Lady in Waiting.
She was as beautiful as the Queen
She was always waiting on.

At rest.
At peace.
For all eternity.

Oh that Lady in Waiting.
For All eternity.
You understand.

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