Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Platform for the Presidency.

We need a government run health care system that supplies basic health care to all. That which is a Right cannot and should not be a commodity.

It has been proven again and again that an active lifestyle with a healthy diet is the surest way to health. The very unhealthy of our society are victims. They should be treated as such. As far as health care reform goes, we should be working to get these people healthy.

Nature is a wonderful teacher and has much to offer us. It is important to view Nature as a friend, and an ally. The plants and animals with which we cohabitate are our family. Regulating and reigning in government and corporate interests and protecting our Wildlife and Waterways should be of top importance. Local, State and Federal initiatives geared toward conservation, recycling efforts, Sustainable living and Renewable Energy need to be implemented.

This is an issue that will become increasingly pressing in America. This is also something that should be handled in the most proactive of ways. Whether we like it or not, America is the land of Opportunity. Learning the Spanish language, making Hispanic friends, and having the opportunity to study abroad, has taught me a great deal about myself and about tolerance. It is increasingly evident that our borders extend across physical demarcations.

"[The time] between 1947 and 1973 [were the] Golden years of the American middle class. From the time Ronald Reagan became president until today the income of the middle class in real dollars has declined 10% while the minimum wage has fallen 17%. Worker productivity went up 52% but pay has fallen. Causing middle class debt to explode- doubling in the past two decades." Thom Hartman, What Would Jefferson Do?

It seems backwards to bail out the corporation- with no thought to the citizens who are saddled with the debt incurred from the failing economy.

Thousands upon thousands of hardworking middle-class A mericans are now in massive debt. Each month they pay hundreds of dollars to pay off debt they never should have incurred in the first place. It seems a terrible injustice that they must pay the interest on these debts (which they'll never probably be able to pay off!) instead of providing basic health care, nourishment or clothing for their families. What's more- the stress caused by all this debt and over-working and neglect of their families causes many illnesses that would other wise be avoided.

If I may extrapolate, the current health care crisis we currently find ourselves in is a direct cause of corporate greed. The greed has caused an undue burden to be placed upon the Middle Class- which undoubtedly carry any capitalist economy. This burden causes stress which leads to illness. Furthermore, this leads to a decline in over all wellness.

The importance of community is above all else, the key to a good life and to sustaining a healthy democracy. A good community is also often one of the last lines of defense for helping those in need who otherwise might go unnoticed.

so yea.

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