Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Want to Hold Yer Hand

Highest chart position: 1 (UK: December 14, 1963; May 16, 1964), 1 (US: February 1, 1964)

Written in direct response to manager Brian Epstein's direction that the group create something for the American market, this song was composed, according to John Lennon, in the basement of the home of Paul's then-girlfriend, Jane Asher. \

This is the first Beatles song recorded on four tracks, as opposed to their usual two-track recording.

This is the first Beatles single to have advance orders of one million copies.

15-year-old fan Marsha Albert convinced WWDC (Washington, DC) radio DJ Carroll James to get a copy of the song airmailed in from England. James allowed Albert to introduce the song the first time he played it; the response was so immediate that Capitol was forced to bump up the release of the single by two full weeks.

This song was the Beatles' first Number One in America, selling 10,000 copies an hour in New York City alone.

Capitol Records was forced to farm out pressings of the single to other labels in order to facilitate demand.

The song that replaced it at Number One was
"She Loves You,"
marking the first time an artist had succeeded itself at the top spot since Elvis Presley (whose
"Love Me Tender"
had replaced
"Don't Be Cruel").

Hard Day's Night= Best Beatles Movie
Abbey Road= Best Beatles Album
Norweigen Wood= Best Beatles Single.

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