Sunday, February 8, 2009

Thinking of Starting a Garden?

Because you really should. :)

There is a new project in the Ozarks called "The 1000 Gardens Project". The goal is to have 1000 gardens in and around the Ozarks by Earth Day 2009.
More info below.

"The 1000 Gardens Project represents a vital contribution to our local Food Security and provides the means for a healthier community and an enlivened sense of well-being. Growing our own food is one of the first steps toward a Sustainable Ozarks. We hope to install 1000 new gardens in Springfield/Greene County by Earth Day 2009!

Missouri was once a diverse and abundant garden. Now we import our food from all over the World. Imagine fruit and nut trees lining our streets and gardens flourishing throughout our communities. The results of our efforts?

* Local Food Security
* Strengthening our Social and Personal relationships.
* Teaching our children to be stewards evolving naturally with the Earth

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Anonymous said...

I planted a pineapple core/stem in a pot inside my house, does that count? :-)

ashli said...

definitely. !