Friday, December 5, 2008

Two Sides of a Musical Coin

I first heard Santogold's music through MIA's MySpace top friends list.
Santogold and MIA share producers, fashion sense, and their sounds are both completely original. MIA's music is more of a hiphop-reggae-rap mishmash revolving around personal stories touting revolution and people-first nationalism. Not suprsing, considering her roots. While Santo's songs are more personal and self-searching.

Each are equal in appeal.

Bucky Done Gun Video


Lights Out

LES Artistes

Interview: Santogold speaks about the the inevitable comparisons with MIA.

PS A thought I'd like to send out into the universe:
*An MIA and Santogold Tour*

This blog is dedicated to Caleb Copeland.

1 comment:

Caleb said...

aw! thanks pal.

m.i.a. + santogold tour would be unbelievable. i bet you they have a duo track up their sleeves...