Monday, November 10, 2008

Surprising Signs You'll Live a Longer and Healthier Life

From Prevention Magazine:

1. You're a Tea Lover
Drinking tea 1-2 times a day is good for your heart. Make sure it's a fresh brew though. From the moment water is added, the health benefits begin to diminish.
Recommended teas for heart health- Green or Black teas.
Calming- Chamomile or Lavender
Antioxidant- Red Teas (Rooibos)
Digestive Health- Ginger, Peppermint, Lemon.

2. You'd Rather Walk
Those who find ways to move a little more throughout their day will live longer healthier lives. 30 minutes a day is recommended.

3. You Skip Soda (yes, even diet)
Why Soda is bad: 1 or more servings/day doubles your risk of
high blood pressure,
elevated insulin levels,
excess fat around the waist,
increased risk of heart disease and diabetes.
Soda Drinkers also regularly expose their taste buds to artificial sweeteners which can increase cravings for sweet things.
Better Choices: Water (try drinking only water for 3 days- how much better do you feel?) Tea, Sparkling water w/ a splash of juice if you need a fizz fix.
By controlling blood pressure and cholesterol levels, preventing diabetes and not smoking you can add 6-9 healthy years to your life.
Also, you'll lose 1-5 lbs within a week of kicking soda.

4. You Have Strong Legs
Lower-body strength= good balance, flexibility, and endurance.
Weak thigh muscles is the #1 predictor of frailty in old age.
Quick Exercise: "Phantom Chair" aka wall-sits.
Do it till your legs can't take it. Do this daily, increasing a few seconds each time.

5. You Eat Purple Foods
Concord Grapes, Blue Berries, Red Wine= Purple color from Polyphenols- which are compounds that reduce heart disease risk by keeping your coronary arteries and blood vessels flexible and healthy.
Whoa Bonus: Eat 1 cup of Blueberries every day to improve memory and brain function.

6.You Don't Like Burgers
Eating 18 oz+ of red meat/ week ups your risk of colorectal cancer. Also, keep your portions small (palm size- 2 1/2 oz). Also, try to avoid processed meats.

7. You've Been a College Freshman
According to the article, a Harvard Medical School study found that those with more than 12 years of formal education (even if its 1 year of college) live longer. Why? They are less likely to smoke cigarettes. 10% of those with undergraduate degrees smoke compared with 35% of those with a HS education or less.

8. You Embrace the Challenge
People who consider themselves disciplined, organized achievers live longer and have up to an 89% lower risk of developing Alzheimer's. WHen you're good at focusing you use more brainpower. Set personal career goals and challenge yourself to meet them by a certain time. Also, try to stimulate your brain with new things.

9. Random Tips from Me
Eat more veggies (frozen is a good way to go.)
Avoid salt, processed foods!
Don't you want to know what you're putting in your body? Read the ingredients!
(If you don't understand one of the words- forgettaboutit.)
Trade white for wheat (bread, pasta, etc)
Say good bye to sugar.
Eat Dark chocolate.
Add 1 tsp/day of Cinnamon to your diet.

10. To Make it An Even 10.
Give Hugs.
Get Hugged.
Engage in Self-less acts.


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Caleb said...


I love your blog.

Couldn't agree more about the soda. I curbed soda about two years ago now, and the effects have been incredible. My acne disappeared, I lost ten pounds within a couple months, and drinking lots of water does indeed make you feel great. I still drink an occasional soda as a treat, but since I lost the caffeine addiction it doesn't affect me like it once did.