Tuesday, November 25, 2008

i believe in a thing called yoga.

I'm really just beginning to get into Yoga and I will begin taking a class soon but there is a lot you can do on your own... the internet is a great place to start.
Caution: Always do what is comfortable! Your body will tell you what is right.

Morning Yoga Poses-
6 Yoga Stretches to Wake You Up
"A gentle way to ease into your day"

Prevention TV- Yoga Videos
Better Belly Yoga
Basic Meditation

"Yoga, an ancient but perfect science, deals with the evolution of humanity. This evolution includes all aspects of one's being, from bodily health to self-realization. Yoga means union - the union of body with consciousness and consciousness with the soul. Yoga cultivates the ways of maintaining a balanced attitude in day-to-day life and endows skill in the performance of one's actions.
~B.K.S. Iyengar, Astadala Yogamala"

Yoga is the fountain of youth.
You're only as young as your spine is flexible.
~Bob Harper

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Neha said...

hey... visit the website www.artisticyoga.com and check out our classes and asanas that you can peform on your own. Bharat Thakur's Artistic Yoga has helped me tremendously.