Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"The Show Me State" Stays True to its Nickname.

Michelle Obama and Senator Claire McCaskill D-MO watch the 2nd Presidential Debate Tuesday Night in Nashville

There is no question Missouri will be the state to watch. Every other state, except for North Carolina which is +Obama at .6 pts, is pretty solid Obama or McCain territory according to the polls.

Even the top "battleground states"** are now mostly solid Obama. However, Missouri, true to it's nickname ("The Show-Me State") stubbornly toes the line. has Obama up just .3pts. Too close to call as they say.

So- it is no surprise that Claire McCaskill was alongside Michelle at last night's debate. I am predicting Obama will be making another stop in Springfield MO as this election comes to closer to an end.

Until then, volunteer volunteer volunteer friends. We have 28 days to convince undecideds and leaning Obama voters and then get them to the polls on Nov 4th!!

Battleground States Obama McCain Spread

Colorado 49.3 45.3 Obama +4.0
Ohio 48.9 44.9 Obama +4.0
Florida 48.3 45.3 Obama +3.0
Nevada 49.6 46.6 Obama +3.0
Missouri 47.8 47.5 Obama +0.3
Virginia 49.9 45.1 Obama +4.8

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We need all the help we can get!