Thursday, October 2, 2008

Uncertain times, yes. Hang in there!

Tighten belts and don't panic!

I know these are very uncertain times. And, although a lot of us haven't been affected directly yet, there is reason for concern. MSNBC just published "Edgy? Coping with an Economic Panic Attack"- great article with some helpful hints for staying calm.

Unfortunately, the economic mess won’t likely be solved overnight, so Americans will need to learn to cope with the ongoing uncertainty.

"* Talk openly about your fears, says Kathleen Hall, CEO and founder of the Stress Institute. “You need to be able to say things like, ‘I’m scared to death we’re going to lose the house’ or ‘We may not have money to buy food,’” she says. Yet, while you should share your feelings, don't obsess over it. Get it out of your system and then move on to lighter topics.
* Don’t become a recluse as you try to ride out the uncertainty, or if you've already been personally affected. Physical proximity to other people can stimulate the feel-good hormone oxytocin and lift your spirits. “Try to have lunch with someone at least once a week,” Hall says.
* Certain foods may also help calm you, although that doesn’t mean you should scarf down fatty, sugary junk food. Hall suggests foods rich in vitamin B-6, such as bananas, tuna and turkey, which are known to stimulate the production of stress-relieving serotonin in your body.
* Find distractions. Watch a funny movie. Take deep breaths which can help regulate your blood pressure."

If we all work together to weather this storm- especially on a local, community level, we'll all come out of this in one piece.

"Edgy? Coping with an Economic Panic Attack"

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