Tuesday, October 14, 2008

4 Presidencies Later...

Last night, Adam and I had the realization that the 'young voters' of today (18-24 year olds) lived through only 4 presidencies- and the actions we've seen from those presidents has not been favorable.

1. Ronald Reagan (January 20, 1981 January 20, 1989)
"Just The Beginning."

2. George I (January 20, 1989 January 20, 1993)
"The Brains"

3. Clinton (January 20, 1993 January 20, 2001)

4. George II (January 20, 2001 January 20, 2009)
"And you thought the Reagan puppet was bad."

It's been a long 24 years.

This is why I (and I venture to guess, my peers) feel so incredibly ready for a new kind of politics and for Barack Obama.

Our parents and our grandparents still live in the presidencies of their youth. They don't see the train wreck right in front of them- JFK, FDR- these are the presidents they idealize. We, on the other hand, have been without a president to idealize for all our lives.

And that's just sad. We deserve a break.

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