Monday, September 1, 2008

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Why Obama?

I have been volunteering for a while now for Senator Obama. I have been hearing stories from people in my community here in Springfield that are being echoed across the country. The biggest being health care problems, decent families on the brink of utter collapse because they can't afford doctor bills. We should all be ashamed.

I will be voting for Barack because I understand that he will help to bring the change we desperately need in our country. He has for the first time in my life, made me realize that I can help bring it too.

I will also be voting for him because of the inspiration he has been to me and millions of other Americans. He has made me realize this:
America is my country and if I want change I have to get out and work for it. Barack has made it abundantly clear to me that if every day Americans like you and me don't get involved in our politics then we will lose our government. He believes if we all work together to effect change we can make it happen.

McCain was a great soldier- and I respect that. He is now, unfortunately a pawn for lobbyists. Most of McCain's campaign is run by lobbyists- most of his donations come from lobbyists.

Barack Obama is an outstanding person and citizen. He was raised by a single mother who instilled in him a sense of compassion and empathy that is rare these days. He took that need to help his fellow man with him to Harvard (where he later taught Constitutional law for 10 years). He also took it to the inner city streets of Chicago where he was able to register 120,000 new voters. Then he took it to the US Senate and soon he will take it to the White House. He believes in us. He believes in the American dream.

He understands that it is up to us to make change- he knows he can only do so much. We have to make this government a country BY the people again.

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