Wednesday, September 17, 2008

out with the old in with the new.

Our Country is in a time of great transition.

At this moment, I would like to introduce into the conversation the often underestimated elements of Hope and Inspiration.

The internet has given us the gift of knowledge and knowledge is power. It also offers the gift of a reality with no gatekeepers and no media filter. As a result, there is a new political party of well-informed and wired citizens emerging. Lucky for the future, and unlucky for the old politicians of yesterday, we don't see race and we aren't distracted by religion or party lines. Like Barack Obama, we see the pressing issues- a faltering economy, unregulated spending, war, healthcare troubles- the list goes on. Our Goal: undoing the wrong we've been powerless against for so many years.

In the distance, we can faintly hear the words of our founding fathers. We can almost see them rolling over in their graves. Their voices are merging with ours and the sound will soon drown out the mindless pundits, the out-of-touch politicians and the greedy lobbyists. The Republican and Democratic parties are dying simultaneously; all trust has been lost; all ties of loyalty severed. They have for too long now, been the voices of the minority- on both the far left and the far right. The majority's voice will now be heard.

On November 4th, this once silent majority will rise up. We will be One party, One Voice, United for Change, United for Good and Prosperity for All. We won't always agree, mind you, but at our core we all share the same values. We won’t be deterred .

Most important, America is remembering what it means to be a citizen again. We understand the road ahead won't be easy, but we're ready to roll up our sleeves and work. There are communities to restore, wounds to heal and empathy to rediscover. We will work as our ancestors did when they built this great country with one common purpose in mind: Freedom, Liberty and Justice for All. Those words will no longer be meaningless. They will once again be the cornerstone of our great Democracy.

As we rebuild this country, I'd like to believe that we'll think to ourselves "what a lucky time to be alive" and we'll tell our grand children one day of the great Election of 2008 in which the fate of the free world hung in the balance and how ordinary citizens pulled together and made the impossible possible. And we shall speak of a young, wise beyond his years, leader- civil, intelligent and, above all, genuine- who stepped up to lead us. A leader who made us remember the values of empathy, neighborliness and the value of community. And, most important, that a single voice can do more than we ever dreamed. Or, as he puts it- "that ordinary people, when they are working together, can do extraordinary things."

Lead on Barack. We will be right behind you.

God Bless the New America


Caleb said...

Well said! Love it. You should start posting your blog on Facebook. I think you can set it up to automatically post your blog posts as notes.

anyway, i definitely agree with you about the democratic and republican parties dying. such an idea is so freakin awesome. i really hope it happens.

i think obama has done so much to start this movement in our generation too. now i'm not so sure he will be the one to lead us to a new party of our generation. he's still a democrat, and a pretty liberal one at that. i think it is our job to keep getting our voices heard even after he is elected and make sure he doesn't forget how he got there. obama has empowered us, but i think it is up to us to lead the way. in other words, you should start your political career soon so you can run for president in 2020. :)

The Rundown said...

the youth are starting to change. together together together together together :)

and me as president...
will u be my running mate?