Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Simmer Down Now America.

The Economic crisis we are facing is daunting. However, we must all remain calm. The worst thing Americans can do right now is panic. We must remember that to everything in life, and especially when you're talking about the Stock Market, there is an ebb and flow. The ebb we're in right now is bad, yes. However, we've seen worse times. Black Monday of 1987 and of course, the great crash of 1929... In fact, the Market opened higher this morning. Not lower.

Thankfully, the majority of Congress is doing their jobs. Just yesterday the House successfully shut down what Bush and McCain, and the rest of their cronies, thought would be an easily passed rescue package. Lucky for us, the majority of Congress saw the bill for what it was.

I personally hope that lawmakers completely throw out Bush's proposal and craft one of their own from scratch. Bush can't be trusted- why should we believe he will spend this $700 Billion responsibly? Now is the time for prudence and attention to a well-thought-out and bi-partisan plan. If Congress is able to work together they can find the best solution. One that will come to the aid of our financial market as well as make the greedy people at the top help pay for it.

Exhale. Inhale. Take a long deep breath America.

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Adam said...

Well put. I don't tend to get scared or calm, I tend to get mad.

But how can we not when so many things slip under our fellow American's noses. Barack has helped so many people get involved in politics and its very uplifting and exciting. We are a great country with a great governmental blueprint.

Think back to 221 years ago when our founding fathers were sick of pain, sick of persecution and feeling like they had no power over thier own lives under a dictator. many great minds formed togetehr to create something so great and so rich with freedoms and hope and equality. It was the United States Constitution. And its what pumps blood in this beautiful country. it is a wonderful document and we cannot let it die.

All this stuff thats going on is very upsetting. Please read my latest blog. (I'm back and I'm mad.)

You wouldn't bail out a rapist. Why bail out these guys?