Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Color of Independence

Fed-up I am with the gridlocked, mud-slinging, issue-ignoring nightmare that is our legislative branch of government.

I would like to clarify what I feel being a card-carrying member of a 'purple' party means. You can be a member too, it's simple.
All you need to do is be a responsible and compassionate Citizen of the USofA.
Just pledge allegiance to the US Constitution. (You know, that little piece of paper which makes this great country what it is.)


Preable- The majority of Americans feel the same way about the bulk of issues facing our country now and in the past. It is Devisive Politics- Red v Blue, Democrats v Republicans etc which have distracted us and which have veered us badly of course. In order to turn this Titanic that is the United States of America around, we'll have to all agree to disagree, shake hands, roll up our sleeves and get to work. We need to focus on the things that truly matter: the declining economy, job security, energy efficiency and our cultural existential crisis. (The last one I threw in. It's arguably the most important...Look forward to a blog about it soon.)

A great danger is lurking in the depths of our country- the danger of greed. The great pursuit of the almighty dollar which drives some to believe 'you can never have enough' and that all that matters is the bottom line. These are not the American ideals of Madison and Hamilton, of our Founding Fathers. I remember first learning about those great men very young- I listened, wide eyed, as my 4th grade teacher spoke of the Revolutionary War and of the ideas of liberty and justice for all, a government for the people and by the people, one that ensures all were created equal, and thus should be treated as such. That America still lives. I'm sure of it.


The Purple Citizen's Decree

Article 1- A party shall exist which represents REAL issues which directly affect an individual's way of life.
Section 1- This party shall end bickering over issues so obviously a personal decision, such as abortion or gay marriage; most rational people understand infringing upon these rights is in direct violation with the US Constitution, and the fact we're still discussing them is laughable.

Article 2- States shall no longer be viewed as 'red' or 'blue' but as 'purple'.
Section 1- The majority of Americans believe women should vote, the right to carry is OK as long as its regulated, gays should have the same rights as everyone else and that gas should not cost 5$/gallon.
Section 2- We all just want to live happily in harmony with one another. A few greedy men are sewing the seeds of disharmony. We must fight back.
Section 3- It is the red and blue that divides us.
Section 4- We are tricked into thinking we're different just to sell newspapers and ad-space.

Article 3-
This party shall put an end to the unnecessary and time-wasting conflict between the democratic and republican parties.
Section 1- Evil thrives upon disharmony.
Section 2- The majority of Americans shall have an intermediate color by which to identify themselves.
Section 3- This party shall unite us all again, and the democracy our Founding Fathers dreamed of shall be renewed.

Article 4- The purple party shall represent:
Section 1- Having the freedom to feel whatever way you want. The freedom to express those feelings in a way which do not fringe upon the rights of others.
Section 2- The color of independence!

Over and out-
For Now.
(Thank you for your virtual time.)

"The night is darkest before the dawn"~Dark Knight

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